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My OPM Playlist

MY OPM PLAYLIST, in support of the vision of encouraging Filipino audiences to imbibe original Filipino music as daily fare,was conceptualized as an advocacy campaign – a touring exhibition that will attune audiences to original Filipino music.

The exhibition’s broad objective is to promote OPM but more specifically, as a touring exhibition,it seeks to draw the attention of teachers, aspiring performers and songwriters, and key influential in target communities to the need for a deeper appreciation of and support for the creation of more original Filipino music.

MY OPM PLAYLIST was conceived by the Organisasyon ng Pilipinong Mang-aawit and launched at the OPM Fair held at the SRP, Cebu city last 24 November 2013. The exhibition was created in partnership with the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA).


The exhibition aims to promote original Filipino music, engage well-known personalities to share their personal OPM selections, and provide a deeper appreciation of OPM among exhibition audiences.

There are several foci in the exhibition – the personality (as larger than life and aspirational), the music playlist as text, and the music playlist as audio. Put together, the exhibition created a locus where audiences can aspire to be and where they can be inspired by the music that their icons listen to.

By providing legitimate access to original Filipino music, exhibition audiences can create their own OPM playlists. During the launch OPM2Go was able to provide access to exhibition audiences who purchased and downloaded songs from the playlists.

The exhibit used multi-media and interactive approach. Audio, video, text, and photographs were utilized to engage audiences. Personalities and celebrities were engaged to share their portraits (photographs), short profiles, and list of some 10 to 20 OPM songs in their personal playlists. These personalities were chosen for their sphere of influence in the industry. A complete list of the My OPM Playlist endorsers is attached as Annex 1.

The collections of songs, purchased from various sources including online distributors like OPM2Go and iTunes, were played from individual music players (iShuffles) and headphones. More than 365 OPM songs were collected and formed part of the exhibition. A complete list of songs used in the exhibition is attached as Annex 2.

Context for the exhibition, including an overview of OPM, Teacher’s Guide and notes to the exhibition, were developed as exhibition boards and audiovisual productions. The AVP containing the notes for the exhibition, the Teacher’s Guide and the introduction board is attached as Annex 3 respectively.

As part of the exhibition’s advocacy activities, a photo booth was installed which provided an added dimension to the audience’s viewing experience. It became a tangible reminder of the advocacy. Annex 4 provides sample copies of photos taken at the photo booth.

The exhibition was organized under the direction of independent cultural advocate and curator Ms. Precious Leano and OPM’s Executive & Campaign Director, Ma. Dinah Remolacio.

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