First of all, you become a part of a major, CREDIBLE ORGANIZATION that is acceptable and respected IN THE MUSIC INDUSTRY. This means you have a voice, through OPM, in the family of associations dealing with music and related industries.

  • Through OPM you are in touch with the various associations that can assist in the development of your singing career.
  • You can avail of our equity benefits! – for members, cash equivalents and term insurance are given on a per year basis.
  • You will be given a member’s card that will also serve as your identification card and at the same time, the card with which you can avail of big discounts in numerous establishments.
  • If you’re performing abroad, you get an automatic certification from the OPM which will help facilitate the approval of the Phil. Overseas Employment (POEA) and other documents.
  • You can avail of OPM Lawyer’s advice and expertise.
  • You can have fun and be recognized as a true professional in the singing profession!